What is the point of washing laundry?

To enjoy a healthy and hygienic lifestyle with clean and fresh clothing, towels and bed linen.

By washing wisely you will realise this goal.
But you can achieve more than this.

You can save money, time, and precious environmental resources by getting the job done right first time.

Explore the three sections above to learn how.

The WashWise website is for Australians who value:

The reason for doing laundry, after all, is to get it clean! A WashWise approach keeps clothes, towels and bed linen looking good, feeling good, smelling fresh, and lasting longer.

What you do in the laundry can impact the environment. A WashWise approach can help you conserve water and energy use, and minimise the impact of your laundry wastewater on the environment.

Think about all the items you wash – there are clothes, towels, bed linen, tea towels, nappies…

This takes time, and these items cost money. Washing also requires ongoing costs of laundry detergent, water and energy.

If clothing, towels and bed linen are washed wisely they will last longer, saving money on replacement items and saving time rewashing items.