Why should you wash wisely? Because clothing, towels and bed linen are a significant investment in most households. When you wash wisely, you:

  • give cleanness and freshness to the wash

  • remove soiling and microorganisms that could be harmful to your health

  • maintain the appearance and feel of fabrics.

But these are not the only reasons for washing wisely.


By washing wisely you will also be helping the environment, as well as saving your household money and time.




  • Decide if it really needs washing.

  • If it is heavily soiled, wash it sooner rather than later when soils will be harder to remove.

  • Sort and wash items according to washing suggestions on labels.

  • Separate

    • dark or coloured items that may bleed colour onto light items

    • lightly soiled items from heavily soiled items

    • delicates from normal items

    • items such as woollens and silks that require special detergents or settings

    • items such as towels that will deposit lint onto other items

  • Check

    • pockets for items (no one likes a tissue through the wash!)

    • for stains that may require pre-treatment

    • for tears that may enlarge in the wash

  • Turn garments that require protection, including colour protection, inside out.