Have you noticed the dramatic new look of the Australian supermarket laundry aisle? This is because early 2009 saw many of the major laundry manufacturers launch entire new product ranges called “2x concentrates” and “ultra concentrates”.


These “2x concentrates” and “ultra concentrates” are reformulated products that are more efficient when compared with their previous, less concentrated versions. This means that a lower dose of product is needed to do the same job as the previous, less concentrated products.


The products which were already low-dose were not reformulated, such as super concentrates.


A more efficient, low-dose laundry detergent translates into many environmental benefits:

  • Less chemicals are required per wash - reducing total dissolved solids (TDS) in wastewater and so reducing the burden on wastewater treatment and maximising the potential to recycle water.

  • Less packaging is required - saving cardboard and plastic resources, as well as water and energy.

  • Less transport is needed - saving fuel resources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Less water is needed in the manufacture of liquid detergents - conserving precious water resources.

Low-dose laundry detergents have a small scoop or cap to let you know how much to add to your wash. Scoops and caps measure up to a maximum 75 gram dose, with some products requiring as little as 35 grams for a standard wash.