Laundry detergents provide the chemical energy to effectively clean clothes, towels and bed linen, and to maintain a hygienic standard of living.


You may also appreciate that, these days, a detergent does more than just clean. Specialised detergents are formulated using specific ingredients which give particular wash features. Having specialised products helps you save money, time, and environmental resources by getting the job done right the first time.


What do modern laundry detergent ingredients do?


1. Clean


Remove stains: localised areas of visible discolouration
Remove soils: invisible matter, including microorganisms, spread throughout the fabric

  • Surfactants are the major ingredients responsible for cleaning

  • Builders assist the action of surfactants by reducing water hardness

  • Alkalis increase the pH to enhance oily soil breakdown

  • Buffering agents maintain a stable pH

  • Anti-redeposition agents prevent removed soils from re-adhering to fabrics

  • Enzymes can aid removal of specific stains

  • Bleaches can assist with the cleaning process

For more information, click here to download the laundry detergent ingredients information sheet.


2. Enhance look and feel

Colour protection
Fabric shape
Ironing ease

  • Fabric softeners add softness and control static electricity
  • Fragrances give freshness and a pleasant smell
  • Optical brighteners also called fluorescers, give brightness to fabrics

3. Aid the washing process


Assist laundry product
Protect washing machine

  • Preservatives increase product shelf-life
  • Hydrotropes maintain liquid detergent homogeneity
  • Foam regulators minimise suds formation
  • Corrosion inhibitors protect washing machine surfaces