The most important aspects of washing machine performance are:

  • Wash: how well soils and stains are removed from fabrics

  • Rinse: how well soil and detergent residues are removed from fabrics

  • Spin: how effectively water is removed from fabrics

  • Gentleness: how well wear and tear of fabrics is minimised

There is no point in buying the most water and energy efficient washing machine if it gives poor performance. To find out what the best machines are:

  • talk to family and friends

  • read the advice of consumer advisory groups

  • look for product endorsements from manufacturers and detergent companies

  • check manufacturers’ websites for information

  • check water authorities’ websites for information

  • check for online user reviews

Other factors you may want to consider



How much will it cost?

There are two costs for you to consider: upfront expense and ongoing running cost. A machine that costs more initially may save you money in the long term because it is cheaper to run. Think about what the potential water, energy and time savings are worth to you.