Before opening a detergent pack, before sorting laundry, before touching the washing machine ON button, one important decision for a WashWise laundry is which laundry detergent to choose.

Choosing a laundry detergent may seem trivial, but it is still an important decision. It is an ongoing expense, and is pivotal in determining the cleanliness of clothes. Potential effects of laundry detergent ingredients on the environment are also important considerations for a WashWise household.


Step 1: Choose an effective detergent that DOES THE JOB

Imagine doing your laundry without detergent! Laundry detergents provide the chemical energy required to remove soils from clothes, and to keep them from redepositing in the wash. Without them, clothing will become unhygienic, unattractive, and uncomfortable.
If your detergent doesn’t wash well you are wasting time, money, water and other environmental resources. You are not protecting your investment in clothes, towels and bed linen.
You might like to talk to family and friends for product recommendations, read the advice of consumer advisory groups, and look for online user reviews.


Step 2: Choose a detergent that meets your household needs

Did you know that there are many specialised laundry detergents? This is because consumers have different laundry needs and preferences, and because households are in different locations around Australia, with different environmental considerations and water recycling needs.


There are two main types of laundry detergents: powders and liquids. There is a shift towards low-dose powder and liquid detergent formulations, including new “ultra concentrates”. These are designed to be highly efficient, giving comparable wash results to previous formulations, but with less detergent being required per wash.


Click for some things to consider when choosing a laundry detergent to meet your household needs.

Step 3: And remember, no matter which laundry detergent you choose, use it efficiently. Click for tips on using your detergent wisely.